A New Era of Strategic Thinking for Designers

Become a part of the Designers Growth Circle to hone your strategic thinking skills and push the boundaries of design in your startup

Elevating Design in the Startup Space

Struggling with a lack of strategic direction in your design role? You're in good company. Here's where most startup designers find challenges:

Creating a comprehensive view of user needs and product engagement.

Fostering alignment with the company's vision and strategic goals.

Facilitating the smooth integration of design into the startup's operations

Design Together, Grow Together

At Design Jab, we believe design is a team sport. Trying to conquer the complexities of strategic design alone doesn't make sense. We've curated this environment to unite designers who are facing similar challenges, offering a space to learn, innovate, and thrive together.

  • Explore Strategic Concepts
    Discover new concepts in strategic design, acquire fresh skills, and stay on the cutting-edge of industry advancements.
  • Build Soft Skills
    Receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors to develop the soft skills required to become more strategic in your design thinking.
  • Gain Peer Perspectives
    Benefit from the insights and feedback of other talented designers, enhancing your work and learning through shared experience.
  • Access Exclusive Frameworks
    Utilize a comprehensive library of strategic design frameworks, along with expert guidance on how and when to deploy them in your specific situation.
  • Learn as You Build
    Our program is tailored to align with your ongoing work on a product, enabling you to apply what you learn in real-time.
  • Discover Your Blind Spots
    Collaborate with peers and mentors to uncover hidden weaknesses and blind spots, turning them into opportunities for growth and success.

Meet Hadar Yonna, Your Facilitator and Mentor

Design Jab is an ally in your growth

“Over the years, I had the privilege of being able to help many tech companies overcome a diverse set of challenges spanning far beyond product design. Working in different companies also meant that I was exposed to various areas and aspects of the tech world.

Prior to founding Design Jab, I was the Design Manager at the Strategic Partnerships department of Booking.com, in charge of improving internal processes and workflows. The opportunity to have my expertise and natural intuitiveness shine in one of the world’s biggest tech companies was amazing.

However, I couldn’t stop wondering what would happen if designers working in ambitious startups had access to state-of-the-art strategic design insights, usually available only to a few industry leaders:

How many lives would we be able to drastically improve?

How many everyday issues would we be able to eradicate?

How easier would it be for world-changing ideas to see the light of day?

That’s Design Jab’s Mission. To help you optimize, innovate, accelerate, and amplify. To help you improve lives and change the world. One product at a time.”

Hadar Yonna,

Design Jab founder & CEO

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