We’re Your Ally in Growth

At Design Jab, we eat, sleep, and breathe design. We enjoy solving challenges to help startups build, improve, and optimize their design strategies, processes, and products.

Usually, clients ask us for assistance with real-time challenges. Usually, we also help make their entire organizational setup more effective and streamlined, creating the infrastructure for continuing growth.

Making Great Ideas Success-Ready

We support your innovation processes, helping you unlock the formula for building products that outperform and outcompete.

  • World-Class Expertise
    Our multidisciplinary capabilities make us proficient in crafting positive outcomes for some of the world’s most successful tech brands.
  • Tailored Guidance
    Generic, one-fits-all solutions are for startups and tech brands that settle for average. Our clients don’t settle for anything but exceptional.
  • User-Centric Solutions
    Your users must come both first and last. That’s why our mission is to support you in developing superbly intuitive and user-relevant products.
  • Exceptional Communication
    We understand how much is at stake for you. That’s why we’re always there to resolve dilemmas, offer answers, exchange ideas, and provide advice.

Meet Our Founder

Hadar Yonna, founder of Design Jab

“Over the years, I had the privilege of being able to help many tech companies overcome a diverse set of challenges spanning far beyond product design. Working in different companies also meant that I was exposed to various areas and aspects of the tech world.

Prior to founding Design Jab, I was the Design Manager at the Strategic Partnerships department of Booking.com, in charge of improving internal processes and workflows. The opportunity to have my expertise and natural intuitiveness shine in one of the world’s biggest tech companies was amazing.

However, I couldn’t stop wondering what would happen if ambitious startups had access to state-of-the-art strategic design insights, usually available only to a few industry leaders:

How many lives would we be able to drastically improve?

How many everyday issues would we be able to eradicate?

How easier would it be for world-changing ideas to see the light of day?

That’s Design Jab’s Mission. To help you optimize, innovate, accelerate, and amplify. To help you improve lives and change the world. One product at a time.”

Hadar Yonna,

Design Jab founder & CEO

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Streamlined Design Workflow

Experience the power of our adaptable process, comprised of modular blocks that contain a wide range of frameworks, ensuring a perfect alignment with your unique needs.

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Design jab connection



Zero in on your actual target audience and its behavioral habits.

User journeys

Get laser-precise user journeys, from acquisition to becoming a loyal customer.

Design Jab innovation



Get a clear idea of the direction in which your products should evolve.


Create a long-term strategy, along with a set of product development milestones.

Design Jab integration



Define the design team hierarchy, roles, and onboarding procedure.


Optimize and streamline a set of internal and external design team processes.

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A Boutique Strategic Design Agency from Amsterdam, Netherlands